PCVoz 8.0

A useful screen reader application for your computer

PCVoz software program is a fun and easy to use screen reader application. The program uses a unique Microsoft Agent Technology and voice to allow self-voiced computer and Internet access.

You can access your email, documents, application, and web pages and have them read out loud to you. You don’t need any special knowledge in computer programming to get PCVoz to work.

You can use all your applications normally and the program will read it out to you. It is unprecedented and it has a user-friendly interface and a friendly accessibility tool for diversity.

You can use the program’s power of voice to bring your computer and internet applications to life. PCVoz can be used by blind or low vision people for better use of the computer without the need to exceed much effort, or it can be used by people who would like to enjoy hearing their computers talk or come to life and communicate with them.